Looking for next level custom eCommerce solution?

We have created a solution capable to run most advanced ecommerce applications with complex workflows. AbanteCart ENT v2 headless cloud based architecture provides unlimited capabilities and great scalability.

Our team is ready to accomodate your business most demanding requirements and provide most optimal and cost-efficient solution.

Platform feature highlights

AbanteCart ENT v2.0 is a full cloud and container based eCommerce platform with support of Amazon Web Services. Platform is built with wide array of services such as AWS Fargate, Lambdas, Redis cache, SQS, RDS and more.
Supported by backed workers (Lambdas), AbanteCart ENT can handle a number of services with excellent performance and stability.
This transformation to cloud container infrastructure enables us to move away from monolithic architecture and have a distributed system with the help of the latest trends.
New AbanteCart ENT platform designed for larger scale eCommerce applications has already shown itself in action.

Easy to work with and extend.

Based on Laravel framework and Eloquent ORM, development with new platform is now much easier and faster. Laravel and Eloquent is widely used in the industry with extensive support provided.

Highly scalable. Optimized resource utilizations.

Distributed architecture provides great flexibility to automatically scale, offload processes and keep running at all times with various loads. Utilized resources are conserved helping to reduce infrastructure cost.

Fully automated infrastructure build and CI/CD

Architecture and code builds made very easy with continues integration and delivery. This include architecture as code approach, to simplify cloud resource management.

Full application audit log with detailed search.

Distributed Audit log service keep detailed trail of data changes in the application without impacting the performance. All updates are kept in scaled ElasticSearch data store for fast and easy access.

Mobile infrastructure and application available

Platform comes with an API for mobile applications, and our team successfully developed and deployed iOS and Android application for production use.

Workflows & business process management

Backend processes (workers) support. An ability to enable and queue backend requests into separated processes makes application ready for any complex requirements.

Other features

in addition to many standard AbanteCart features

Promotion engine

Advanced promotion engine with flexible conditions configuration.

Email and push notification

Third party email and push notification integrations (Campaign Monitor, FireBase)


Advanced reward points and incentives management

Workflows support

Automation with business process workflows


Easy authentication and various endpoints


Marketing support with gamification ability

Automated import

Automated catalog and product imports

More features yet to come and new capabilities are unlimited.

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